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Columbia River Log Scaling and Grading Bureau...in business since 1910, the NorCal Bureau's sister organization is based in Eugene, Oregon and provides its scaling services in Alaska, Idaho, Oregon and Washington

The Puget Sound Log Scaling and Grading Bureau...another sister scaling bureau, this one serves Washington and Alaska

The Log Scaler Webpage...really the only website you need for all your scaling needs and information...lots of good log scaling and timber industry links!

Forest Industries.Com...a forest industry network site. All about timber harvesting, lumber products, an index of forest products online publications...nice!

Stephan Hoadley's Log Scaling Page...Stephan spent 10 years with the Northern California Log Scaling Bureau and has included some interesting links of his own on his webpage.

"Balancing the Scales"...an interesting article from "Logging and Sawmill Journal" (serving British Columbia) with a Canadian perspective on log scaling and grading.

Dr. Gil's Log Scaling Page...my own pitiful attempt at explaining what I do for a living...the site does have a nice link to another of my pages with an article written by R.W. McIntyre on the philosophy of log scaling.

A Day In the Life of a Log Scaler...a photographic journal of a "typical" day in my life as a log scaler for the Northern California Log Scaling & Grading Bureau.

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