San Francisco International Airport/approx. 12:00 p.m./03-09-98

...and so our tale begins

Here's the deal...most of these pages are going to be slow to load onto your machine simply because I've included gobs (gobs = about 60) of photos of our journey...please be patient. My intention was to give you enough stuff to read and look at that you should be occupied during the downloads (fingers crossed). Secondly, we lost Becky's first roll of film of London (Becky shot most of the standard sized 35mm pics you'll see...I was armed with disposable 35mm panorama cameras), so the London page is a little shy of images.

Nextly (if that's a word) here is a map of the southern half of the United Kingdom to give you an idea of how small an area we actually covered. Even so, we never seemed to have enough time in any one place and were always "pushing on" to the next destination before we were really done with the place we were at...

And lastly (now I'm sure that IS a word) at the bottom of each section you will find the magic British word "Right!" If you click your mouse on the word you will be instantaneously transported on to the next section! The Brits use the word "right" (pronounced "royt") constantly and in ways too numerous to count...all three of us immediately picked up on it and all our conversations thereafter were peppered with "royt's"!

To follow our intrepid travelers with their adventures in the United Kingdom, just click here...Right!"

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