Picking up Daniel at SeaTac couldn't be much easier. We drive to the special "Cell Phone Waiting Lot" at the north end of the main terminal (well signed and free), then wait until Daniel lands and calls us. He's waiting for us at the curb; United Airlines is the farthest north.

We drive north, encountering LOTS of traffic even though it's a Saturday. Apparently (we learn later) everyone's headed north to the Tulip Festival in Vernon, Washington. We crossed the Canada border at Sumas, which was east of the I-5 crossing. Not sure that made our trip any quicker.

Aunt Ruth's Condo is on False Creek Inlet, south of Downtown Vancouver. She enjoys fabulous views of the city.

Becky, Aunt Ruth, Daniel

After a lovely breakfast next morning, we wander along the water to Granville Island, to experience the wonderful public market.

We took a little ferry (we called them "bugs") up and across the inlet to the Yaletown dock, enjoying the view, before we marched up town.

Vancouver Public Library.

Guess which hot beverage is Gil's.

Steam Clock, in the old Gastown area of Vancouver.

French Bulldogs make us laugh.

The downtown arena used in the 2010 Winter Olympics.

Vancouver Convention Building.

Gil is, "King of the World!" (a Titanic reference)

The current convention at the Convention Building was for cheerleaders (some of them very young). They were happy to create a human pyramid for us.

The flame used in the Olympics was moved here.

Ruth served us delicious fish and chips for dinner. Afterwards, we took a walk west along the water to see the Bald Eagle's nest that Ruth told us about, as well as enjoy the sunset (and art) in Vanier Park.

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